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Hi, thanks for reading! My name is Chris Wilson and my goals for this blog are to entertain and inform with my opinions on topics in sports (mostly the Cleveland Browns, with some MLB, EPL, NBA and college mixed in), pop culture, social media and technology. I wrote a lot in a former job and am missing that outlet, so my hope is to bring some information (and a few chuckles) to you, my readers. In a perfect world, this would lead to a future as a blogger on a prominent site; until then, thanks for bearing with me as I learn how to consistently and concisely share my thoughts while also navigating WordPress.

Some background on me: I was born Toledo, OH, home of the Mud Hens, Tony Packo’s Hot Dogs and the country’s highest grossing Taco Bell. I grew up in a very small community and went to a small high school (graduating class of 70). Taking advantage of the size of my school, I played  as many sports as I could handle, with letters in golf, basketball (conference player of the year) and tennis. Sadly, an injury ended my athletic career in high school and eliminated any chance of playing Division III basketball, but I have moved on (or at least claim to). Throughout junior high, high school and college,  I caddied for 8 years at the Inverness Club, the 2nd best golf course in Ohio and host of several major championships, the last one being the 1993 PGA Championship.

I had the privilege of attending Miami University and currently serve as a Class Agent for my graduating class (fancy way of saying I donate every year and encourage others to do so). Miami is a big part of my family, both of my parents, an uncle and my oldest brother went there and I pride myself on knowing more about the campus and its history than all of them combined. If you have never been to Oxford, Ohio (yes, there is an Oxford in Ohio and a college named “Miami” not in Florida), you must go see the most beautiful college campus in the country. I keep a rotation of monthly pictures of Miami’s campus set as the background on my work computer and my co-workers are constantly asking where the pictures are from.

After graduating in 2008, smack dab in the middle of the recession, I moved to Boston (in February 2009, it was the recession, all right?!) after getting a job with an insurance company after blindly applying on their website. While insurance wasn’t for me long-term, it gave me great sales experience that has helped me land other positions of interest and, more importantly, led me to Boston. In my time in other sales and a consumer insights role, I grew to love Boston, make friends here and meet the woman I’m going to spend the rest of my life with (June of this year!). I’ve been to the Garden, the North End, The Common, top of the Hub, Fenway (even the Monster seats!) and the Bleacher Bar; Boston is my home now and I am very proud to say that.

More than anything, thank you for reading! I really appreciate it. Additionally, any feedback or sharing of my site with friends is awesome, I’m really enjoying writing the blog and would love to see it grow. Thoughts here are my own and if you want to reach out to me the best way is to comment on the blog or tweet me @cbwilson25.

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