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10 Craziest Things Done on a Bike in Amsterdam

August 20, 2013

In my glorious return to blogging, I’m easing into things a bit. Sorry for the delay everyone, in the last two months I got married and recently returned from our European honeymoon. Our last stop on the honeymoon, Amsterdam, provides inspiration (no, not that kind) for today’s post.

If you haven’t been to Amsterdam, the city is primarily organized by 3 canals that run through most of the city that act as boulevards with roads on each side. Additionally, most of the roads in Amsterdam are quite narrow, making driving and providing ample parking spots very difficult. As such, Amsterdam has roughly 750,000 residents, yet over 1 million bikes (stats from Mike’s Bike Tour, which was awesome and you should do if you ever head to Amsterdam).

Biking is a basic part of life in Amsterdam, with many parents dropping their kids off to school, doing their grocery shopping and going to work, all on their bikes. With all of the biking, I noticed several somewhat odd and usually impressive acts done on bikes, and thought I’d share my top 10.

Bikers were:

10. Smoking tobacco
9.   Rocking out to Beats/Bose/noise canceling headphones
8.   Eating a sandwich
7.   Smoking marijuana
6.   Transporting 2 kids at the same time
5.   Using an iPad
4.   Carrying unassembled boxes
3.   Transporting 2 kids at the same time while using a cell phone
2.   Wearing a 3 piece suit
1.   Running red lights at intersections involving cars, pedestrians and trolleys

In addition, though I didn’t see it, our tour guide told us that he had witnessed someone eat a bowl of cereal on their commute to work, while riding a bike. I’m not sure why, but riding in the suit particularly impressed me. I can barely survive half an hour in a 3 piece suit without sweating and I witnessed several people biking in a suit looking very comfortable.

If you ever go to Amsterdam (and you should, it was awesome) be sure to keep an eye out for the bikers and the crazy stuff they do while riding. If you have time, take a tour! Mike’s was awesome, about 3 hours long with about 2 to 2 and a half hours of riding.


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