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Internet Moment from the “Future”

April 9, 2013

Saturday night, my fiancee and I were meeting friends at a bar for the Syracuse-Michigan Final Four game. Since we had plans for the later game of the night, that meant traveling during the end of the Louisville-Wichita State game. This early departure didn’t seem like an issue before the game, when the Vegas spread was 9 and most were expecting Louisville in a rout. However, when the game was close, with Wichita State holding a lead into the 2nd half, leaving before the end of the game was disappointing.

As we boarded the B-line heading downtown, amongst dozens of drunk college students and a crowd from the World Synchronized Skating Championships (which were held in Boston last weekend), I dreaded missing the end of the game and scrambled for my smartphone to provide at least some kind of update.

This app contributed to my awesome Internet moment, what led to yours?

This app contributed to my awesome Internet moment, what led to yours?

It was at this moment I remembered that I had the NCAA March Madness app that provides up to 4 hours of free streaming, of which I had barely used half an hour. Less than a minute after being on the train, I had the app up and running and was able to successfully stream the game with 5 minutes left.The app took about 30 seconds to load and start streaming effectively, but after that point the game (and several commercials) came to the phone without issue, even as the train moved underground.

As people boarded the train, I got to feel like those snooty kids in the Samsung commercials making fun of the Apple fanboys. More precisely, I felt like my technology was superior (thanks iPhone 5!) and was happy that I knew about the app. In a moment that felt even more like something out of TV, a few people on the train stopped to see how I was streaming the game, but instead of being a condescending hipster like the Samsung kid in the aforementioned commercial, I let them know about the app (sharing is caring, right?).

The rapid growth of technology over the past few years is amazing. From the first smartphone, to now having multiple app stores housed with millions of apps, and networks and phones that now support streaming video while on a train, the capabilities of what we are able to do is rapidly changing. What is next? Many speculate Google Glass and other wearable technology (iWatch anyone?) are the next big tech movement.

While 2013 may not be as advanced as the Jetsons would have led 5 year old me to believe (no flying cars or meals in pill form), the above moment on the train made me think, “How cool is technology and the Internet?” I wonder if other people have had experiences where they had to take a moment and think about how impressive/cool/awesome/insert your favorite adjective here the Internet is. What is your favorite Internet story? Please post in the comments below!

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Erin permalink

    I think some of my favorite innovations with my smartphone/the internet are travel related. When I was traveling regularly for work, I could use apps from airlines, Priceline, Orbitz etc. to change plans, check in for flights, etc. Recently, I was on an 8-hour road trip in the middle of a snow storm. Stressed and tired from the first half of the drive, we decided it might make sense to find a hotel in Albany so we could get off the road and recharge. Using the Orbitz app I was able to find a reasonable hotel with good reviews and book it in 5 minutes, while we were passing through the Berkshires. It made the trip a lot less stressful, and took the guesswork out of figuring out where we would stay!

  2. Schaeffer permalink

    This is going to sound archaic, but airplanes still blow me away every time I use them to travel. The pioneers who opened the doors for air travel (now space) had some large kahunas and brains to take this idea, pursue and execute on it.

    • Interesting that you and Erin both point to the travel industry in your stories. I agree, it took some serious gonads for the first people to travel by air. I wonder what is it about travel that lends itself to moments of “taking the leap”; whether it’s the first to try a new method of travel or booking travel plans sight unseen through an app traveling seems to require us to stretch ourselves to new capabilities.

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