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Why Apple is Here to Stay

March 15, 2013

Over the last few weeks, I have read several articles discussing the future of Apple. All of these articles focus on the mounting sentiment that Apple is losing touch with consumers and their dominance in the tech marketplace is steadily declining. Click here to read the article that touched a nerve causing me to write on this topic; the article talks about the need for Apple to impress the general public with the next iOS 7 update (due in a few months) or they will be completely dominated by Android in the market. While it is true that 75% of smartphones in the world now run on the Android OS (operating system), here are five reasons why I think Apple will remain a dominant player:

1. Apple is a leader in both hardware and software, using both to create an environment that encourages people to invest further. With millions already invested in the Apple environment of iPhones and iTunes, the cost alone of leaving Apple (getting a new cell phone provider or buying all of your music/movies/TV shows/Apps for a second time) encourages anyone with an iTunes account, iPod or iPhone to continue buying and using Apple products.

2. Apple continues to make innovative products that people want. The article mentioned above raves about the beauty and ease of using the Android OS. While having a strong operating system is important, I have yet to see a product announcement from Samsung, HTC, Google or anyone else involved with Android generate the anticipation  and general buzz an Apple product launch does. Samsung effectively rocked the boat with their line of commercials aimed at making Apple users seem outdated, but have any of their products drastically altered the market? To this point, I say no.

3. Although pundits worried that Steve Jobs’ death would be a major blow to Apple, in fact, the company is in a much better position when compared to his last departure from the company, when he was fired in 1985. When Steve was fired from the company in 1985, he left a company without a vision. In his absence, Apple went through 3 CEO’s and was viewed as poorly managed. Being fired from his own company motivated Jobs to prove to others that his success wasn’t a fluke (mentioned in the Steve Jobs Biography by Walter Isaacson and in the commencement speech he delivered at Stanford in 2005. When he took the reigns again at Apple in 1996, the company was in bad shape and struggling to differentiate themselves from the flooded PC market. Now, as Apple continues to move forward without Steve, they have a team of people that Steve worked closely with including CEO Tim Cook and designer Jony Ive. Additionally, rumor has it that Steve left behind up to 4 years of new product ideas (and no, I don’t think they’re all lightning to 30 pin converters or accessories).

4. Their products work. Guilty confession: I have owned an Android smartphone, owned a PC for college and used a PC at my last job. I hope to never have to do any of these things again and pray that my life of broken apps, blue screens and random viruses is over. Whether it’s an iPod, iPhone, iPad, a MacBook or another Apple computer or product, you can open the box of your new Apple product and use it in a manner of minutes. Apple products are easy to use, have redefined the way we interact with technology and very rarely break down or stop working. In fact, my brother has a first-generation iPod that is still functional today.

Behold my Apple products, MacBook, iPad2, iPhone5 and MacBook Air.

Behold my Apple products, MacBook, iPad2, iPhone5 and MacBook Air.

5. Combining the environment Apple has created with their software and hardware with innovative products that are easy to use and work has created a strong and supremely loyal following of consumers. Apple product unveilings still generate a high level of anticipation amongst their fans, the media and consumers in general. Starting with Steve Jobs’ presentation as re-insalled CEO at MacWorld in 1997, buzzworthy product unveilings became part of Apple’s DNA, continuing with the introduction of the iPod in 2001, iPhone in 2007, the iPad in 2010, with surely more to follow. Then, there is the habit-forming aspect of owning Apple products that makes people tend to own more than one. I have a MacBook, iPhone, iPad 2 and MacBook Air for work (not to mention a few old iPods), my fiancee owns three Apple products and I know several other people who ownmore than one Apple product. I would not claim that everyone who owns one Apple product owns more than one, but I would be hard pressed to think of another technology brand whose customers buy multiple devices across their product lines in such large numbers.

With today’s rapidly advancing technology, more than anything most consumers want something that is easy to use and works well. This desire, more than anything else is why Apple will continue to be a leader in the technology world. While they may never regain their market share lost to Android in the smartphone industry, with their large pool of consumers committed to their environment and innovative, easy-to-use products they will continue to have a loyal group of customers for a long time.


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  1. Jim permalink

    I am like you. I even criticized Apple before I used their products. I was wrong. Apple won me over by producing devices and software and apps that are easy to use. Reliability is Apple. All of it works…. I do not need to sit or call customer service every month. Apple has me now. :-)… I love my iphone, iPad, and MacBook Pro. Before you criticize Apple, use their stuff. Android is one hassel after another.

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